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From: burak berge
Subject: Hamza and His Sons Chapter 4 Hamza had drained the three of us; now it was his turn. He ordered us
to stand in front of him and he got on his knees. galleries nude russian tgp He didn't say a word for
a while; one by one he just took our dicks in his hand, while kissing and
caressing them. He broke the silence russian modal girls pic and started to talk:
"I always wanted to have you boys since you were so little. I watched
you playing sex games with each other. I wanted to join you so badly, but I
controlled my feelings because you were so young. I was afraid to hurt you,
boys. That really was the last thing I wanted to do. But now you are all
grown up, so I don't have to hide my feelings any more. I realized that
today in the barn. Looking at your magnificent bodies and good size cocks
proves that I wasn't wrong. Today at last we were all ready for fucking."
The three of us hugged and kissed him and told him how much we
loved him.
I said to Hamza:
"I've been in love with you since the day you put me on your dick
while we were horse riding."
Hamza said:
"I knew you were a special boy, since the day I saw your beautiful
angel face, baby."
He kissed me softly on my lips.
Hamza's huge, twenty centimeters long dick was in his hand making
almost a ninety-degree angle from his body russian gay school boys and it was pointing at me. I saw
this and told Hamza:
"We have to get rid of this boner. We all came but you russian gay school boys didn't. Who do
you want to fuck first?"
Hamza didn't waste any time and ordered Tolga to lie down on his back
on the grass. Tolga obeyed his father. Hamza pulled his son's legs up in
the air and put Tolga's feet on his chest. Tolga was already hard and his
dick was resting against his belly. His hairless, pink russian strapon
asshole was mouth
watering. Hamza was looking at his russian nude jpg son's hole like he was under a spell,
while russian girl xxx making little circles around the hole with his fingers. Soon, he
replaced his fingers with his cock. He was rubbing the boy's hole with his
mushroom-shaped cockhead. Hamza was leaking precum, making Tolga's hole
slippery. Hamza decided to push his cock in. Tolga didn't seem to have a
problem taking his father's enormous cock.
Hamza took it easy and very slowly, he put his cock into his son. More
than half of Hamza's cock was already inside, but Tolga wasn't able to take
more of his father's dick anymore. I could tell by Tolga's face that he was
in pain. Hamza then told me to sit on Tolga's face and offer him my cock,
balls and asshole. Hamza thought this might take his son's mind of the pain
he was having. Tolga started licking and fucking my hole and balls with his
tongue. That seemed to help him to take his mind of the pain, because soon
Hamza's entire cock was inside nud art russian girls him. Hamza began to pump his boy in a very
fast russian gay porn sites
rhythm. Tolga was in heaven. His eyes were russian hottie
shut and he russian voyeur tgp was thrashing
his head from left to right.
Emre decided to stand between Hamza and me. He slammed his hard dick
in my face. He didn't have to russian hardcore anal sex
insist too much: I took his hard cock in my
mouth and started to suck it with pleasure. Hamza continued to fuck Tolga
and to jerk off the boy's dick. Tolga couldn't take it anymore and started
to cum on his chest and on his father's hand. free russian nude movies Hamza pulled his cock out of
Tolga, licked his hand clean and cleaned sexy russian whores off the remaining cum on his son's
chest. He pulled Tolga close to him, kissed him on the lips and told him:
"That was wonderful, my boy. You really have a very tight ass."
Hamza was still hard as a rock, holding his dick in his hands, while
he looked at Emre and me. We both wondered who would be next. Hamza called
Emre and said:
"Come over here and bend over."
Emre obeyed his father's order and bent thumbs russian girls over in front of the man. He
closed his eyes. Effortlessly, Hamza pushed his dick all the way into his
son's fuck hole and started to fuck him like a mad man. It was a wild
scene, to watch a father fuck his son without hesitation. Emre was beside
himself. He was enjoying his father's fucking so much that some saliva was
running from the corners of his mouth. While Hamza was fucking his son, his
large hands were reaching for Emre's nipples, his belly and then lower for
his son's cock. Hamza started masturbating Emre. In a short while, Emre
started shooting on the grass because of the intense pleasure that his
prostate was getting from his father's monstrous cock. I was so sorry about
the wasted cum lying there on the grass. Hamza pulled his son to his chest
and kissed his ears and neck and told him:
"You too have a wonderful cock and beautiful ass, my boy".
He then slapped Emre's ass and motioned him to move russian stripping away. He turned to
me, winked at me and said:
"Your turn."
I ran to him. He grabbed me by my neck and pulled my face to his. We
started french kissing like crazy. Tasting his mouth juice and tongue was
unbelievable. The taste was a mixture of russian fuck porno all the asses he had licked, of
all the cocks and boy juices he had tasted. While he was sucking my lower
lip, his thick mustache was pricking my lips a Gay russians bit and I loved that
feeling. My neck and my ears were also getting the same treatment. His
mustache was tickling me and giving me the most wonderful pleasure; it was
driving me crazy. I started to tremble in his arms. He cupped my ass and
continued to lick and kiss my body all over. All of a sudden he stopped
licking my body and lay down on the grass and told me:
"Come on, boy. Sit on it", Hamza said, while pointing at his big cock.
I got hold of his dick and placed it against the lips of my boy
pussy. I started get it in slowly. Up and down, up and down. Very slowly, I
was getting more and more of that dick into me. Soon the entire twenty
centimeters were in my butt and I was riding on it like on a horse. I
fucked myself in this position for a while. Hamza and I were both moaning
with pleasure. Hamza raised his upper body; reached out and pulled my head
towards him. He began to kiss me in that position. Now he was using his
hips to fuck me. He continued to fuck me while my ass rested gallerys russian hairy pussy
on his
pubes. I was amazed and surprised by his next move. He held my waist, with
his cock was still in me and slowly stood up. He steadied me with his hands
around my ass. I crossed my legs around his hips and put my hands around
his neck. He began to fuck me in that position. The tree under which we
fucked had a big branch. I held the branch with both my hands and started
to ride on his dick. This enabled him to fuck me even more forcefully.
Out of the corner of russian creampie movies
my eyes, I saw that Emre was hugging his brother
from behind, resting his chin on Tolga's shoulders. They watched us fucking
in awe. I felt Hamza's monstrous cock getting bigger inside my ass. I knew
he was close to cumming. I remembered how Hamza had squeezed his ass to
make it tighter. This was the perfect moment for me to return the favor and
so I squeezed my ass muscles. Hamza pumped his dick in and out of me a few
times and then, with a loud scream, he started to shoot in my ass. The more
he shot in me, the more I felt that relaxing warmth covering the insides of
my ass. He shot at least ten times. It was a big load. Although his dick
was still in my ass, his fuck juice was leaking out of my asshole like a
river. Finally, he took his cock out of my hole and put me on russian porno portal the
ground. My arms were hurting because of the hanging from the tree, but I
was so happy at that moment.
Hamza said:
"Bend over boy."
I did as he ordered. I bent over and raised my ass up in the air. I
could feel the wetness of nude art russian his juice around my ass and my balls. I felt
Hamza's tongue dig directly into my hole. He was licking and eating his
freshly pumped out juice from my asshole.
He called the boys and said:
"Come on boys! There is enough cum for all three of us here. This
asshole looks like a cum fountain."
The three of them started to lick my ass, my crack, my hole and my
balls. They were such cum sluts. I was dizzy from all the fucking and
licking and a little sad at the same time. I was sad, because still illegal russian ftp I
hadn't been able to taste Hamza's fuck juice. Hamza felt my sadness and
seemed to understand what I craved for. He put two of his fingers inside my
asshole and scooped up a glob of cum from it. He then put the fingers into
my mouth. The taste was unbelievable. The three of them were fighting over
my asshole to eat as much cum as possible. It caused their tongues to touch
and lick each other at the same time. The fuck juice was soon gone and we
were all very tired.
Hamza lay down on the grass and the russian angels sex
three of us put our heads on his
wide chest. Hamza was petting our heads and he tried to reach our asses as
much as he could.
I trembled when I felt his soft touch on hot russian brides
my body. I closed my eyes and
tried to concentrate on the feeling of his hands.
We rested in that position for a while and finally Hamza said:
"Come on boys. It is getting late. We'd better get back home before
your mothers start worrying."
We all went into the water and washed each other. While Hamza bathed
me, I looked into his eyes and smiled at him. He winked at me, petite russian girls sex reached over
and kissed my lips. Then he whispered in my ear:
"This is only the beginning. I want to fuck your sweet ass in every
possible way, at every chance I get.
I told him:
"I am ready whenever you want Hamza, but what about Emre and russian sex dvd
He said:
"They can join us whenever they want, but your ass is my favorite, my
That was the day my sex life was changed forever. Hamza, Emre, Tolga
and I were having sex every chance we got.
One day after one of our orgies Hamza hugged me, planted a kiss on my
lips and he said:
"I have a little surprise for you. I will bring someone to our next
session and I think you will be very happy to see him."
That made me very curious about this person. I wondered whom Hamza
would bring for our next sex session.
Well, my perverted friends, that will be in the next chapter. Don't
miss it!
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